divendres, 23 de març de 2018


Our pupils from P3, P4 and P5 want to wish you HAPPY EASTER! 

We have done various activities: Easter eggs, bunny rabbits... You can see that we learned and enjoyed a lot!

We also leave you a link from a video that we have seen and we liked it a lot!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF-1TojnzUg

dijous, 22 de març de 2018

Enjoy EASTER with 6th grade!

Today some of the 6th graders have done an Easter egg hunt, where they had to find some eggs hidden in the playground. After finding all, this is the picture that we've got!

Happy EASTER to everyone!

dilluns, 19 de març de 2018

Enjoy EASTER with First grade!

Last week of classes! 
The students of first grade have prepared an easter song for you! Here's the video. 

HAPPY EASTER to everybody and have a nice holiday! 

Fifth and sixth grade in action!

Last week the 5th and 6th graders joined to play some games! 

The 6th graders had prepared the "HOT POTATOE", "SKIP THE WORD" and "STEAL THE BACON" explanations to become mini-teachers and to guide the 5th graders playing the games! 

He had so much fun!

divendres, 16 de març de 2018

Enjoy learning with P4!

Have you ever played with a Memory Game? 

P4 boys and girls love playing this game while we practice the new vocabulary of the Monster's story!

dimecres, 14 de març de 2018

ESO in action!

The students of ESO explain what are they doing:

Today we have made a debate about the effects of the social networks. On the one hand, some of us have talked about how the Internet can harm its users. But, on the other hand, we have also defended the advantages and facilities that the social networks give us. We hope that you enjoy our little and controversial debate! Though it seems difficult as the debate goes on, in the end we find a general agreement. 

diumenge, 11 de març de 2018

Fourth grade in action!

Hello families! 
4th grade is back and we want to show you our oral presentations. You will be able to see us talking about different COUNTRIES we have chosen. We hope you like them! 

dissabte, 3 de març de 2018

Third grade in action!

This time, the third grade class have a surprise! 

We are very happy because this week Paul came to visit us. Paul is from Liverpool, he is our conversation assistant and we can speak with him a lot. Here you have some questions that we asked to him about his country, his hobbies... We had so much fun!

divendres, 2 de març de 2018

Teachers in action!

Last Thursday 1st March, some of our English teachers attended to a formation of the Artigal Method "READY FOR A STORY" (by Josep Maria Artigal and Alison Smith). This was really interesting and useful for our P3, P4 and P5 classes. 

Thanks for the welcome teacher Isabel from "Escola Santa Perpètua", we had a great time learning with and from you!    

We will never stop learning to be able to teach better.