dilluns, 18 de desembre de 2017

Welcome to fifth grade class!

Hello families! Welcome to the fifth grade!

These months we have been learning about our body. First we learnt what blood is and how it circulates around our body and now we are learning about food and our digestive system.

We have been learning about nutrients, creating diets and we have even created our own digestive system. 

We hope you like the pictures!

Welcome to sixth grade class!


We are the students from sixth grade. We have recorded a video for you explaining what we do in the extracurricular classes of English! 

Take a look at it and enjoy!

divendres, 1 de desembre de 2017

Welcome to fourth grade class!

Here we are the 4th graders

We want to show you a bit of the project that we are doing this term. The project is called "OUR WORLD" and it's about continents, countries and curiosities from our planet! 
It's so interesting and we are having so much fun!

We hope you enjoy the videos!!!